Are You Worth It?


The answer is HELL YES. You are worth more than GOLD.

“Know your worth” has become almost cliche’ at this point, right? I’m here to tell you it isn’t but I believe it has been taken out of context over the years. Knowing your worth is way deeper than a selfie with likes, a meme, or whatever superficial way people claim to know their value. In my opinion, I will share things I have learned over the years, and hopefully, this will help my Jolie’s get a better sense of how bomb you genuinely are.


Five signs that indicate you know your worth.


  •  Believing you are good enough – You don’t need validation from others, some likes on Instagram, or recognition from people around you to know who you are and what you offer to this world. Simply put, you just are. Think about a job interview; you go in with confidence; your resume is impeccable, you have the experience, and you have a degree. At this point, you know you are worth the company’s time. Apply that same confidence to your personal life and thoughts about yourself.


  • You know your boundaries – You are clear about who you are, acceptable behavior from others and how you like to be treated and spoken to. If someone crosses these boundaries, you speak up about the lines crossed and let go if nothing changes.


  • You are confident – This is not to be confused with cocky. Being confident is having self-assurance, positive esteem about yourself, and an assertiveness to you. Cockiness or conceitedness is a person overcompensating for hidden insecurities. There’s no need for that arrogant manner if you are sure you are IT. How you perceive (when it’s just you in the mirror) and treat yourself, reflects in your value.


  • You are self-aware – We teach people how to treat us based on how we treat ourselves. Give yourself the attention and love you seek and watch the people around you fall in line. If they don’t get with the program, let them go. Personal growth will attract the right people who will value and respect you.


  • You accept you for you – You are perfectly imperfect. And that’s perfect.


In my blog post “After You” I talked about a relationship that took me for a ride of a lifetime. But I am thankful for it because it taught me to love and value myself. Going in, I didn’t love Alexandra for who she was. I gave the unconditional love meant for me to someone undeserving and lost myself completely. I say that to say  it is not up to these men to know your worth that is your job Jolie, and when you know it, you will only attract the man that does as well, because the boys playing games ain’t trying to put in “that much work.”

Now I’m talking to my ladies; Have you ever felt like you put in all this work just for him to give the love you asked for to someone else? I’m here to tell you its okay, move on anyway. Instead of looking at it negatively I am going to give you a different perspective that will help you remember just who you are.

Acknowledge what you did for him yes but change the perspective. Yes, you were his backbone keeping him focused, making sure he never fell off in a world full of men that are weak, and he took that for granted. Trust he will feel it when you are gone. You cooked when there are women out there who wouldn’t dare touch a stove, and he lost that! Like I said, remember who you are. You added value to this man’s life and he took you for granted. His lost, take back your power. Re-adjust that crown that fell off after you chased a guy that wasn’t even meeting you halfway. You cannot force someone to see the value in you! Know your worth and act accordingly.

How about this; You asked him for more; more love, more affection, the next step, etc. And he said “you’re doing too much” in so many words. Ladies, most of us have been here. Speaking to the king in him but all he can do is make excuses and play on your psyche. Understand if you ask for more and you get the “you’re doing too much” that man is still emotionally immature and not respecting the Queen in you, and that’s okay because never should you have to beg for a love that is indeed yours. Know what you bring to the table and DO NOT settle for scraps. You set the tone for how these men treat you. Daring him to be a better version of himself, is not asking for too much.

Knowing your worth is feeling lonely and wanting that man’s attention, but because he approached you incorrectly you still curve him.

The nights that you’re horny (we’re grown) and you need it bad, but the only options you have available are the guys that want to get some and dip, but you commit to doing better  and with that annoying drip (ladies y’all know what I’m talking about) you mind your business… that’s knowing your worth.

I’m talking about the women that miss their ex, I mean still love him but because he doesn’t value her she keeps her distance because she refuses to make excuses for his behavior.

You can’t say you know your worth and give your body to just anybody. Nor can you say you know your worth and waste your time with just anybody. Knowing your worth isn’t easy, it takes discipline and sacrifice. But the reward is your sanity, dignity, and peace.

Jolie’s I will leave you with this; your heart is precious, your body is a temple, treat it as such. Be selective and respect yourself! Love and accept love! And know you are worth it! And if you haven’t already check out my blog post “A Time To Love” for tips on how to love yourself. 

With Love,

Alexandra Joli

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